Heart of stone

Photo taken at Chavagne-En -Paillers,2019
Some people are quite proud when they are told that they have a heart of stone, a heart that feels almost nothing! Today I met this heart-shaped stone, I moved it and threw it in all directions with no change in its shape or color! More than ever I would rather be treated as weak to have a bleeding heart that feels pain when it is abandoned and/or is hurt by lies than to have a heart of stone! I’d rather be vulnerable and allow my heart to explode with joy and sadness than have a heart without a glimmer of hope or trust in a better world! I would rather have a heart that beats, a heart that loves and shows it than a ruthless and indifferent heart that finds pleasure in the phrase: “what you do to me does not reach me”. The heart needs to live, to love and to be loved! It needs oxygen from the lungs to supply the whole body and it needs to send dirty blood out and get it renewed! The heart is exchange and sharing through excellence without it it no longer lives! if you ever boast of having a heart of stone remember that it is a dead heart! You may be protecting yourself from pain but you are also protecting yourself from happiness! A heart that knows how to feel is a heart that beats, that fights, that wins and sometimes that loses but above all it is a heart that lives and that wins at every beat over death! I wish us to let exist a heart that beats 💓 and not a heart of stone! Written by Umutoniwase Aliane

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