Where were you?

Knock while there’s still time. I’ll open it. Photo taken in Vendée 2019.
Today it’s so easy to write” rest in peace” than to write “how are you?” It’s so easy to find kind words in front of a grave than to give a letter of recommendation! It’s so much easier to find time in one’s agenda to attend a funeral than it is to find time in one’s agenda to accompany a friend or family member through life! It’s so easy to talk about someone and criticize them when they’re not there than to confront them and tell them what they should change! Please don’t follow this insane trend! Don’t wait until I’m no longer with you to love me and value the person I used to be! Don’t wait until I don’t need you anymore to declare your love for me! Don’t wait for the day when my eyes will be closed forever to post about me  on all your social media profiles! The Creator gave us this life to love each other, to enjoy the time we have together, not to bring to life the memories of people we never cared about when we were given the chance! If you have to show love and affection for the person, do it while there is still time, if you can recognize a talent beyond this life, support her.  Now is the time! If you can find a time for a last homage find also a time for the battles the person is fighting. Be that person who loves life, the present and not that person who lives moments of nostalgia nourished by moments of remorse disguised by tenderness for a being who is no longer with us! This is my way of looking at life and I had to say it! Written by Aliane UMUTONIWASE

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