He will die empty with regret.

Photo taken in Villenave-d’Ornon,2019 to illustrate this little story.
It all started out well! He had everything he needed to become a man. As a child, his mother adored him, his father loved him and his sisters cherished him! When he was young, girls chased him and boys envied him! He could choose one and love her, but he preferred to take them all and have fun with them!A girl here and there, he no longer had the heart to love but only to collect hearts that only he knew how to break! How beauty doesn’t last and how youth one day must make way for wrinkles to tell a life story! He had to choose a woman! A family founded by default is a farce, so as not to regret he chose to drown his sorrow in alcohol and did not know how to instill true values in his sons! On his deathbed, he remembered his life of debauchery, the collection of women he had, the homes he broke, but especially the weight of bearing his name that he was going to leave to his children! His last message was: youth is passing, so is success! I am wary of men because I know the scoundrel I was, be men, respect women and above all love them! Life begins in them, to treat a woman with love is to give back to life but above all it is a guarantee of a healthy love that she will give to your offspring! I wish us to live, to have fun, not to count the number of broken conquests but to count the number of times we have acted with a loving heart!

Written by Umutoniwase Aliane


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