I promise to always keep trying.


If I had known how much you loved me, I would have given you an eternity!

If I had known that you were always there through good times and bad, I would have given you my life!

If I had known that you were the only one to remember everything, to remember us, I would have been grateful!

If I had known that you have always loved me in spite of what I inflicted on you I would have given you the greatest gift of all, my time!

You watched me and suffered in silence when I envied others for what they had and knew that you could have given them to me if I had had the courage to ask and accept what it meant!

You looked at me with immense sorrow when I rejected you to complain to the others that you were just incapable in my sight!

You saw me disobeying you, you saw me deceiving you, you saw me depressed, you saw me betraying you but you never left me!

For you, the union is sacred, you always woke me up, you always supported me and every morning instead of leaving me, you always renewed our vows, you always swore fidelity to me and I couldn’t do the same!

And since I realize this today I will say God if I ever forget you again, you never forget me!

If I fail to love this body which is only an envelope that you wanted to cover my soul, I ask you to forgive me!

If ever I find you too demanding in this world too cowardly. Remind me who I am, that is to say your child!

If ever I silence this little inner voice which reminds me that the good conscience is worth gold, bring me back to reason! If ever I think that the latest progress of science invalidates your presence and your existence, remind me of the essential!

I know that sometimes I put you aside to justify my senseless acts, I know that sometimes I ask you to be more important than I am, I also know that I am dissatisfied and that I ask for too much! Today I surrender myself to you, I love you!

The pride in me wants to promise you that I will never disappoint you again, but the little voice in me promises to try every day!

I wish us a great week! I would also like to thank everyone who takes the time to read me, to share me sometimes! I love you, be blessed, be happy, together at last I wish us to always try to do good!


Written by UMUTONIWASE Aliane