She’ll die alone with no arguments.

Photo taken at Villenave-d’Ornon 2019 to illustrate this little story.
It’s the story of a little girl who had everything to be happy! As a child, her friends told her that she used to talk a lot, as a result she trained to become mute! When she was young, her friends told her that she had no charm and that she was not interesting, so she started to put on makeup and provocative outfits! As an adult her friends told her that she was only good for having fun, but to get married they would want a woman of values! So she started to cover herself up to look modest! When she got married, some of her friends shared about her past  with her husband! the husband responded with abuse and her not knowing what to do, she accepted his abuse in silence! Grandmother, she remembered her life, cried a good cry and then said to herself that she never existed except to satisfy the needs of her surrounding! She never had the courage to live! On her deathbed she will tell her children that she has wasted her only chance to live and so she dies without any arguments! Her last sentence was: you have the choice, try to be happy! Live, regrets do not bring back to life, they ruin an existence! I wish us to listen to the advice and to take into account the opinion of our heart! I wish us to live our life even if we sometimes (even often) make mistakes! Written by Umutoniwase Aliane


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