Friend for life, friend for a life.

Illustration of two types of friendship: above is for life, below is for a life! photo taken at Villenave-d’Ornon, 2019.
They say friends are for life! I say that some friends are for some kind of life! Life is made up of a thousand and one stories, people are born, grow up and meet other people for better or for worse!  Our society is made up of families and everyone has a family they are assigned to, the one that we don’t choose is made of parents and sometimes brothers and sisters! We often owe a lot to this family and vice versa. Separating  from them would be a sign of ingratitude and loss of reason!  Some are lucky enough to be born into good and united families, others have to grow up in a toxic environment where love is a dream, where complicity and hugs are torments! All this to say that each one of us has their roots and their first fruits are the result of this environment, sometimes loving, other times scornful or both at the same time!  As we grow up, we are given an unprecedented opportunity: the choice; the choice to have a tailor-made family. These are our “friends”! We meet them in places we go to, in schools, at work places, neighborhoods etc…  A friend is someone with whom you share something in common and that something makes you look in the same direction and if this is the case the magic happens, the common interests make life declare you friends! But sometimes interests change and a new life costs you the old one! What you need to know is that no matter how much you love your friend, you have to sometimes move on and leave them behind!   Here I’m talking about friends who can no longer fly with you and who prefer you in fights that are no longer yours! I wish us to love, to have friends while knowing that some stay for life and others leave!  Let’s cherish the moments we share together! Separating from some friends is not a sign of cowardice, on the contrary, it is refusing to lie in the name of a friendship that has been but is no longer in the present!

Written by UMUTONIWASE Aliane


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