This is Africa, my Africa.

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A crushed identity, a story told by those who have never lived it! I am Africa!

A continent in exploitation, without exploration of my own! I am Africa!

I am full of wealth, I have enough for the West and too little for my people. I am Africa!

Black is black, they told me! I see my sons and daughters depigment to look like those who despise them. I am Africa.

They provoke war and instead of attacking them we kill each other! I am Africa.

In world cups, in offices, in war, we are represented but we are not the winners! I am Africa.

I may be the cradle of humanity, I may have oil and all the raw materials, but as long as the verb “to have” is conjugated and the verb “to be” is difficult to see, they will consider us as machines! I am Africa.

I am in a democracy, I shout it out to anyone who wants to hear it and I act as if I were the absolute monarchy. I am Africa!

I am black when I am a victim or when I can take advantage of it, but I am less black when it comes to defending my people. I am the child of Africa!

I am Africa; it is my land, but it is others that set the price of my goods!

I am Africa, I am black, I am white also if the Maghreb does not deny its peers, I embody diversity!

An African always dreams of a better Africa.

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I am Egypt and its pyramids, I am Congo and its wealth, I am Mandela and his courage, I am Rwanda and its thousand hills, I am Burundi and its drums, I am Soundjata Keita and the Mandingue epic, I am Maya Angelou, Oprah, Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks, Obama and their ancestors!

I am more than my skin color, I am the untold story, I am love, I am forgiveness, no hard feelings, I love everyone, this is a white flag and not a denunciation or a request for compensation!

I am Africa that shines, I am diverse America, I am the West Indies that resonates, I am black but above all I am human and I would like to use this as my passport in the world rather than a label they made up after a story written by charlatans!

I am Africa, such a beautiful continent, my children have an obligation to fight, they have to unite and show the world that black is as good as white! They have to show the world that they are the cradle of humanity, where it all began!

Written by Umutoniwase Aliane.


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