20 best quotes about travel


  1. “Life is a departure and death a return.” Lao-Tseu
  2. “The man who wants to learn must read first, and then travel to rectify what he has learned” Giacomo Casanova
  3. “On the first trip we discover, on the second we get richer.” Touareg Proverb
  4. “To remain is to exist. But to travel is to live.” Gustave Nadaud
  5. “The journey for me is not to happen, it is to leave. It’s the unexpected of the next stopover, it’s the never-satisfied desire to know something else all the time, it’s tomorrow, forever tomorrow.” Roland Dorgelès
  6. ” Travelling leaves you speechless first, before turning you into a storyteller. “ Ibn Battuta
  7. “The impulse of the journey is one of the most encouraging symptoms of life” Agnès Repplier
  8. “You don’t travel to travel, you travel. Alphonse Karr

  9.  “We’re all travellers. And this journey is life. We cross one after the other countries where the perspectives and adventures do not compare between them, where changes to the perception that we have of things, time and space, This crossing, we do not make it alone, but, willingly unwillingly, with the caravan of the generation with which we have started and whose ranks will go clear until the end. Sometimes full of ardour, she carries us in her tracks; sometimes reticent and uncertain, she strikes us with her anxiety. “Christiane Singer
  10. “Living is walking for a short journey.” Francisco de Quevedo
  11.  “A meeting is the starting point of a new story with all its hopes. “Mazouz Hacene
  12.  “Every time you meet, a new story is written. This is where the most amazing mystery of human adventure lies.” Edward Zarifia
  13. “The traveller sees what he sees, the tourist sees what he has come to see.” Gilbert Keith Chesterton
  14. “Today the trip does not take place if there is no photo. The one that proves you’ve been traveling. The one that proves to you that you have torn yourself from your daily life, that for days you have become another, the one you show to your friends on the way home so that they can validate this other ephemeral life.” Christophe Ono-Dit-Biot
  15. “Travelling without meeting the other is not travelling, it’s about moving around. ” Alexandra David Neel
  16. “It is good to travel a few times; it expands ideas and downsends self-esteem.” St. Beuve
  17. “The best trip is the one we haven’t made yet” Loïck Peyron,
  18. “A 1,000-kilometre journey always starts with a step” Lao Tseu
  19.  “Movement is the principle of all life.” Léonard de Vinci
  20.  “Travelling is not always pretty, not always comfortable. Sometimes it hurts, it even breaks your heart. But it’s fine… The journey changes you, it has to change you. It leaves traces on your memory, on your conscience, in your heart, and on your body. You’re taking something with you. Let’s hope you leave something good behind”Anthony Bourdain

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