Why do we Travel?

What is travelling?

In its simplest definition travel is to move, it is to go from point A to point B! You will understand everyone is a traveler and as a human being, we travel, walk on the path of life.

Travel as an invitation to life.
  1. We are destined to do so

From our birth we are destined to unite with others, we feel the irrepressible need to love, to belong to someone and when the union becomes obvious we decide to reproduce ourselves so the first journey begins.

male gametes make their way, only the bravest will reach the meeting place and is greeted by the female gamete! From this sacred union will result no one in his own right.

And yes of this union the egg forms, the divisions and multiplications of the cells ensue.

The mother protects and hosts this being in formation like an Airbnb. Once trained he is ready to go out, the first solo trip! It is during this journey that the child comes out of his mother’s womb to belong! The skin color, the name and the origin are automatically committed, the child tries to walk to satisfy his curiosity, growing up he travels and explores! Here he is on all fours, then an adult on two legs, and here he is old with a breathless cane!

All this to say that we are beings who explore while traveling, who progress by traveling and who meets while traveling!

We travel out of necessity or obligation! But one thing is for sure our existence is made of trips as much to take a liking to it.

If you were wondering why travel, I would say that life itself is a journey! Failing to choose where we go we end up betraying our destiny

  1. Explore

We travel because we have made the choice to enrich ourselves, each trip is a discovery, we learn much more than we would have learned if we had stayed there!

The benefits of traveling.
  • We are born of an alliance that leads to a journey! (From physiology to society)
  • Travel calls us to new encounters, to other cultures, to people but also to ourselves.
  • When traveling we make one with nature! We meet thousands of flowers, these same flowers give us honey others accompany us and brighten up our dates
  • Travel gives us the opportunity to start all over again! Moving from one place to another can be a sign of changeMy quotes
  • Time passes, travel is made and memories remain forever! We learn from our experiences, we advance our explorations, we explore during our travels! Umutoniwase Aliane

  • Life begins with this journey, and ends with the journey! Between the two our bodies move, our hearts travel, our souls meet true loves.
What does it take to travel?

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Contrary to popular belief that traveling is reserved for people who have money it’s not true! To travel you need five things:

  1. Curiosity 

Curiosity is the starting point of any traveller. We travel to find out what we are resisting or missing! This can be a new way to the neighborhood, a museum of the country, a new country for those who have the opportunity! Curious people need to travel to meet new things.

  1. Being an adventurer 

To travel you have to have a taste for adventure, that is to say, to run the risk of going into the unknown! Every trip carries risks and can be surprising in both the right and wrong sense of the word.

There are many examples: to be robbed in a place where you don’t know anyone!  Be unwelcome or end up with people who don’t speak the same language as us!

Every discovery, every curiosity comes with its share of surprises as much have this spirit of adventure!

  1. Loving life and diversity 

Travelling is loving life, life is movement from birth to death we travel, people who love life know that the world is not limited in the 4 walls of a house, we fight to get out into the wombs of our mothers, we should enjoy exploring this world so vast that is at our reach! Travelling allows you to meet the real, dive into the past to admire the masterpieces of our ancestors, dive into the present to hope to do better with what we have at home but also elsewhere! the dreams of travel bring us into a better future.

  1. Plan

Any trip to make it take place in better conditions must be planned, have a precise idea of what we are going to do, the purpose of the trip but also when and where to make a good place for other activities.

  1. Loving being surprised 

Planning is an important thing but not only, you have to be surprised to go beyond the unimaginable!

In this Category dedicated to travel, I will share with you the countries and cities I had the chance to visit, I will give some good addresses as well as the must-see places that have left me speechless.

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Written by Aliane Umutoniwase.

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