How to travel? : 5 Tips to prepare a trip.

Behind every well explained “why” there is a “how” pending answer (let’s take care of it) I recently shared with you an article entitled: “why do we travel” and another one of 20 quotes from writers, journalists and philosophers on travelling. Today I will try to answer another question that many of us frequently ask ourselves!

How do we travel? what are our expectations, how do we want those expectations met and by what means might we travel? 

Who has never travelled? No one has? We are all travellers, we take trains, trams, buses, bicycles and many other means of transport to get to work, school, friends’ houses or even better on vacations! Even though these are journeys, we make them out of obligation which deprives us of the freedom to enjoy them and we find ourselves doing it automatically! 

Today’s article will focus on trips by choice, trips we dream of taking, trips that interest us and give us insomnia just thinking about them, shivers just by mentioning them, emotions just by preparing them! 

How to make these trips unforgettable? Or how to have the mad desire (passion) to do them! Here I am going to give you a non-exhaustive list of five steps that have greatly helped me to realize my different trips.

1- We need “time “ in order to travel .


For a trip to go well, you have to plan it and look for time to do it! This first step is very crucial because it makes the trip important and gives it meaning, we have cleared our schedule to do it which gives it a charm! 

For example if you want to go to a museum on a Saturday morning, you would want  to specify the time, check the weather forecast, the opening hours then take the slots that are convenient to you. By doing this harmless step, you have just given a signal to your brain that at this time and date you will be available and ready to welcome this trip and all the surprises it has in store for you.

2- You need to have a good and clear reason in mind for your travel.

Travel 2

Once you have the time, you need a reason to go. All our life we try to give meaning to the events that happen to us, we give names to animals, we give roles to our fellow men. We need to know what the other person does or doesn’t do in life! In short, we are always looking for a meaning, a reason to love or hate, a reason to go or stay, etc. We need to know what the other person does or doesn’t do in life! The journey is no exception: we need a reason, a trigger, a desire, a purpose. 

For example if you go to a park, look for information, read reviews/opinions on the internet about people who have been there before you, ask and have information! This approach is not intended to discourage us, it is intended to make us want to explore, validate or correct what we have collected in terms of  information! 

This step opens us to the world, remember that you are unique, that perceptions differ, do not cancel trips because you have received two or three unfavorable reviews! Have confidence and curiosity to live your experience.

If someone tells you that airplanes are bad (because they can’t stand the altitude) don’t think it will be the same for you! Not all information is meant to help you, some is there to terrorize you!

3- Having a budget in mind is essential in order to have an enjoyable trip. 


Nowadays money is an important factor! We give ranks and respect to those who have more than we do! We give importance to the things that cost us money! To make the trip important and enjoyable, buy yourself a little something (a ticket to visit the stadium once there, an early transport ticket etc.) so that you don’t want to stop everything at the last minute. When there’s money at stake, we get a sense of urgency which gives us a valid reason not to miss our appointment! 

4- You would want to prepare for the trip some time in advance.

travel 4

Once you have a reason to travel, time and a budget! Think about the days of departure, what you need: clothes, your passport if you need it, think about medication and medical appointments if you have an illness that requires medical support, think about the little details that only you know about!

5- In order to travel you must of course make the trip.

travel 5

Be prepared to meet intense emotions, go out to meet others, even with preparation be prepared for surprises, a little raindrop that invites itself, A breakdown that can come out of nowhere but also an orchestra in the street, A cold beer, the human warmth and the charming culture of a city. 

Keep in mind that the world is yours, that life has kept its promises and that it is up to you to return the favour! Dare to live, dare to be happy and finally take pictures so that the eyes will remember when the heart has forgotten everything!


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