World AIDS Day


It was June 1981 in Atlanta when it became embedded in our lives, two years later (1983) it is identified and is called 4H disease for (hemophilia, homosexual, Haitian, heroin addict)! Gradually it becomes HIV for human immunodeficiency virus!
Blood and sex are declared as two routes of transmission, later the ill-informed society will isolate those who have had the misfortune to carry this virus from exclusion!
People who have it are forced to deal with loneliness, rejections, rejections, humiliations and prejudices!39 year

s later, medicine has evolved, there is the possibility of being a carrier of the virus and never contaminating one's partner even if he has unprotected sex, there is the possibility of giving birth by normal means without contaminating the child!
There is a way to put the virus to sleep and carriers of this virus under treatment have the same life expectancy as those who do not!
However, even though medicine has evolved, science has gone faster than society! People with HIV suffer from our eyes who sometimes judge them unfairly, neighbors, colleagues isolate them and prevent them from living by condemning them to survive!

Yet carrying this virus is not always the story of poor girls infected by dirty types, they are also innocent children, unhappy transfusions, a betrayed companion or simply a mistake but who should not condemn a lifetime because carrying this damn virus is already expensive paid!
I wish us to accept each other! To talk about it around us and above all destroy the wall built by ignorance! Love will win this December 1st: World AIDS Day, they demand the right to be forgotten, the right to live and not to survive our abuse.



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