In front of your God.


Child and innocent, you told me that if I sinned God would punish me!
Adult and sinner, you told me that God is love!
This God that you have made me fear, is the same one you used to make me hope for salvation!
If only you had told me about the God of love at my youngest age; I wouldn’t have needed to sin and hide!
I would have known that man is naturally fallible but brave enough to get up and change things!
You made me believe the opposite; result, I doubt any worse even I think unrecoverable!
If only you had not manipulated me using a God whose image you have shaped, I would have had a solid foundation because I would not have considered it inaccessible!
If today people no longer believe it is because they challenge the God you use; to judge them and put them away!
If people depress and feel unable to change; it is because you have explained to them that God is not found in their hearts, that you only have to look for him in your various beliefs!

The more years pass, the more I believe in the God of love. I readily accept that having questions is not blasphemous.
For I believe that God blessed man not for having found but for seeking.
Life is a path, what we know, we know from experience! We must never stop learning and renewing our desire to know and recognize God in us.



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