A big thank you!


A special thank you,
To the God of the visible and invisible universe,
To the universe and its planets,
To planet earth, home of all humanity,
To the humans who tamed me,
To the parents who gave me life,
To the brothers and sisters who made the adventure more beautiful,

To the loves that have loved me,
To the impossible stories that gave way to the incredibly magical stories,
To the friends who made me grow up ,
In the sun that always announced the day to me,
To the night that has always put my problems to bed and rested my mind,

To the betrayals that made me sober,
To the abandonments that revealed to me the true nature of people,
To the absences that made me independent,
To the hatred that revealed to me the power of love ,
To the separations that revealed its depth to me!
To the injustices that made me tolerant,
To the Deceptions that made me Lucid,

To the countries that gave life to my dreams and sufferings,
To strangers who have become true friends,
With dreams that are unfulfilled but richly inspiring,
To the frailties that made me understand the importance of others,
To the vulnerability that made me free to feel,

To the writing that broke my chains,
To the poetry that gave me the opportunity to speak,
To all of you that I forgot in spite of myself,
To the life that has not ceased to manifest itself ,
To the death that fails to carry me away!
And finally, thanks to all those who love not only the person I have been but also the person I am and the person I will become tomorrow!

For you

For you,
To you who is different And for this reason receive distressing opinions.
You are the sad soul that people judge.
Let me make you aware:
whoever you are, whatever you do; don’t lose faith, you are not disgusting.
You deserve joy and you have a place here.
You are adorable, believe me, don’t abhor your face.
On the contrary, ignore those slow slugs, which for your uniqueness of gold grimaces you.
They feel nothing but resentment.
Then ignore their voices. Listen to your heart.
Assume your splendor. And go bite into happiness. Believe me, you deserve it.
So hold it back.
The Mercurian Magician




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