I praise mothers who do not have addresses


I praise the courage of these mother-daughters who embody perversion in the eyes of society and who give birth to children aggrieved by the weight of shame.
Being a mother is a gift from heaven that has been stolen from you by calling yourself an easy girl. Morality obstructed the life you carried and your anxieties were rendered inaudible!
I praise your nine months of pain and loneliness. I commend your efforts and courage in the face of incredibly unfair judgments and rumours!
I praise your qualities as a fighter, for a being whose heart you don’t even know will beat on the day of his birth!
I praise those who know in advance that the father will not recognize the child and who are ready to face criticism even if their children reproach them for being born without a father and who repeat what they hear others whisper (dirt
y bitch) Failing to tell your past and your mistakes of youth, you will steal in spite of yourself the true story of conception to your children by denying them access to this time Their!
You will do your best to paint it pink! Only you know that it is for fear of being judged that you do it!
This same fear that you will pass on to your offspring, this piece of the puzzle that he will try to find but that he will never find because only you, are the holder of this cursed but liberating secret!
I wish you the delicacy of protecting this early secret and the wisdom to reveal it so that it serves the same person you tried to protect by concealing it!
I wish you to cure your ailments even if the world does not want to hear a word! I wish you to cherish your warrior soul, to embrace your history and the unblemished love you have found in an environment stained by ignorance!
I praise your courage, I celebrate each of your fights, in a counter-example, you have kept face and you have set an example!



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