Dear networks.


Dear Networks,
Your name has been ringing in every room for a few years! You fill us with your technological prowess and promise to expand our network!
You’re encouraging us to let go of ourselves without limits! Here we are as cowards, letting go of our values and flirting with the limits that were once insurmountable!
You say you’re social, we’re following you! You say you’re cool and we believe you, yet the price to pay to fully enjoy your unlimited offers is to disconnect from our real networks to the profits of his virtual ones!
To seem more acceptable, you give us unsavory models! You give us standards and we conform to the pre-established models!
You sell us dreams by creating shortcuts and we lie to smooth our skin and living beyond our means, like Hollywood stars!
You make us responsible for the lives of our neighbors and make us oblivious to what’s wrong with ours!
We judge others, we compare ourselves to them to end up like them!
Dear network, you are the reason for our evils but also the right reason to convey our words that previously could not have found the way!
Militants, we thank you by cursing you! Writers, we praise you by being suspicious! Adults, we use you by depriving ourselves! As teenagers, we cling to each other by imprisoning ourselves! The world can no longer live without your company, your charm is irresistible as human warmth struggles to make a place for itself.
Your ease of use is insolent as physical relationships have become chores!
Dear network, you give us by depriving us, you deprive us by condemning us, you condemn us by making us slaves!
Slave! I recognize myself.



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