Death: then he closed his eyes.


Faced with the terrible announcement, he announced that he was going to wage a merciless war!
Without hope of healing, he wanted to give hope to others, so that they would face this death that was about to be right for him!
Faced with the temporality of life, he wanted to remain timeless, courageous and smiling, for that, he ignored his pain, he was silent in the face of his serious condition! He wanted to give his best, that is to say to get in the ring and fight this last battle!
In these last moments, he remembered those moments of glory, those moments that the world generally ignores, those small, insignificant but so crucial and indispensable moments!
While he was struggling to breathe, he remembered that all his life, he always did it effortlessly!
While he was fighting to keep his eyes closing forever! he remembered the luck he had!
And then despite his efforts, he closed his eyes for others, without repeating a word, without playing one last time, without reliving the moments before, before writing this other page!
He closed his eyes without giving the address of his new home, without guaranteeing that he would talk with us, he closed his eyes, to let us open them otherwise!

Death, whether we accept it or curse it, is an obligatory passage! An end that marks, A last page that marks the end of the book. She plays with us in our sleep, inviting us to tame her, only we are defeatists when we look her in the face!
It is so unreal, yet it is irresistibly real!
It is so cruel, yet it puts an end to the painful sufferings experienced by the one it takes away!

This is a post about death! A reflection I had. I used it but it could be her who closed her eyes!
With this post I wish us to pay tribute to those who close their eyes!
I wish us to open them differently and to thank life!



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