Friendship: Friend in capital letters


A name attributed too often wrongly!
A name given up most often, for lack of finding the definition of a nascent relationship!
A name worth inscribed in capital letters! A capital relationship, with an influence capable of changing a stone heart into a master stone on which one can build!
A friend opens your arms, hold the door so that you never feel cold, so that you never feel alone!
By opening your arms, A friend guarantees you a place of choice in his heart, Excited Heart, you abandon yourself unreservedly and you dig up your treasures with confidence!
A friend shares his pains, he lavishs his sweetness and offers his soul to warm yours!
If circumstances put people on our way, it is so that together we can make the way!
I have often been wrong to think that all the people in my way should help make it more enjoyable!
I very often offered the flowers of my friendship garden to the pests of the roses and I ended up devoid, in the desert!
I very often dislodged from my deep values, to tame a world inaudible to the essence of my soul and I ended up betraying the trust of my heart, I ended up disobeying my conscience, so I turned off my light of innocence!
If today I believe in friendship, in the unspeakable sweetness that it provides, I also believe that a friend I need, should not be a saint but a human with fights to lead and defects to correct this said:
My first criterion would be to no longer choose a friend who normalizes the evil and behavior from which I would like to flee but to choose a friend who knows and makes efforts to fight the evil that makes advances to him!
You will have understood, it is not so much the imperfections of the other that I flee, but the people who have chosen to make these imperfections, virtues and habits to reiterate!
To the world I demand nothing, to my world, I demand to finally exile myself from this world of evil! To the people I meet I do not expect anything from them, to the people who have chosen me, I expect this truth and version without perversion of the soul!
To me, I expect the audacity to leave if the friendship table is badly put, if the heart is badly maintained, if the blows become more and more normal, if the evil becomes a second nature, and finally if the efforts exceed the comfort of being together!

Written by Aliane Umutoniwase


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