Poetry:Oh dear love secretly alive.


I see your face again, elegant, a special person!
A smell coming from elsewhere!
A smile like no other!
An insolent charm !
I look at you awkwardly thinking that you read my thoughts with the fear that you will discover all the love I have for you!
Shy, I think I don’t deserve you, because there are others who look at you and are so much better than me!
You talk to me about a little, I extrapolate to find a whole! A whole large enough to feed this one-sided love!
Your hands brush mine and I dream of our future together!
I look at you from far and I dream you so close!
Your walk, your humor, a delight that I do not find in my delirious lack of love and without flavor!
Secret loves have something sacred, the loved one is a saint, it is an ideal!
The secret loves have something exciting, the loved one passes in silence and discusses in our dreams, it is absent in the morning, however, it does not leave us of the day, all thoughts brings us back to him, while the reality moves away it!
Secret loves have no equal, they propel us to another dimension even when the loved one expels us!
Secret loves carry a suffering, offer a presence that is not a presence and make us feel an absence that did not have to be!
These loves change us, charge us with feelings, they push us to fight and promise us to live in dreams!
We love while being afraid of the other!
We prepare ourselves while hiding from the other!
We betray the ordinary, we defy the forbidden, we leave the real to embrace the dream!
Courageous are those who dare to reveal themselves
Conscious, are those who suffer and who know it!
Happy are the ones who make secret love a reciprocal love!
Wise, are the ones who know how to close the door and leave when it is best to do so!



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