Friendship: A yes without trickery, I want you.


A friend in difficulty is no less a friend!
Negative emotions are no less interesting and indispensable emotions!
In a world under anesthesia, which tries to make people live in fear of appearing vulnerable, I thank you for making our relationship so special!
With you, I evoke the jealousy of a moment without feeling bad!
I get confused with you because I never blur the tracks on my state of mind!
Thank you for having taught me that an evil fortunately lived, makes painfully unhappy!
Thank you for telling me that declaring myself dumb reflects how much I refuse to understand myself!
Your presence is a present that I do not very often consider to be worth in the present, but our memories do you justice by reminding me how exceptional you are.
Thank you for making me human by accepting my weaknesses and making me special by reminding me of my personal achievement!
I thank you for having confidence in me, the confidences serve to rest in unassailable fortresses, you are as I am towards you!
Thank you for our laughter, for our humors that sometimes hide our unfathomable and soundproof misfortunes!
Thank you for our healthy arguments! For our low blows that constantly reminds us that between us perfection is in our progression and acceptance, that forgiveness remains the most beautiful of gifts and the most supreme of proofs of love.

Thank you for being the love of my life, without covenant or witness, for being the woman of my life without people sticking a label on me, thank you simply for being!
This article is inspired by the relationship I have with my sister! It might speak to some of you, if that’s the case, be grateful to have these rare gems!

I wish us to have this friend who allows us to express our negative emotions without feeling diminished or monstrous! People ready to love us, not as quotes or books say but as we are!
I wish us to be happy, to be loved and to reciprocate!
Love , Love , Love ♥️.

Written by Aliane Umutoniwase


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