Poetry: I love you if…


Where I come from, they taught me to love if!
So to receive this love, I had to prove myself worthy!
I was hated, denied and disowned,
I have been called a traitor many times,
For having known only this love, I had to learn to love with ifs!
In turning, I have despised those who were different from me, I have hated all those who did not fulfill my conditions!
Later I learned that, I never loved,
Because with ifs you don’t love you own!
With ifs you don’t discuss, you impose!
With ifs you don’t listen, you oblige!
With ifs, you don’t recognize the other despite his intention to reveal himself, you assume that he is!
With ifs, eternity is transitory, only the temporalities reign!
With ifs, the other is reduced to silence!
With ifs we refuse to go beyond our own differences and we reserve indifference for those who are not like us!
I learned this late in life, but today I know that it is necessary to simply love and that if not to do so, we must at least stop hating!
It was a liberation to leave this conditional prison!
The “I love you if only if” impoverish and destroy us! They take all empathy away from us and amputate all acceptance!
I wish us to learn to love again!

To my dear readers:

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