Poetry: People


People leave but the important thing to remember is that people come back!
They break the heart and come back to finish it off and sometimes to appease it!
They slander when they leave and do the mea-culpa when they come back!
They curse from afar and come back to see if their prophecies were worth it!
They leave to forget and come back to beg!
They leave to see elsewhere and come back to appreciate what they once used to have!
People leave for one reason and come back for many!
They leave expecting not to come back but they come back if only to prove that they have succeeded!
People leave with a heavy heart and come back with a more confused one!
People go and come back, it’s the cycle of life!
Wise, are those who know how to walk away without causing too much damage!
Happy, are those who come back well softened!
Ignorant, are those who leave leaving no chance for a possible return to the cradle!
Whether people are toxic or kind, they always come back!
By thoughts, they come back
By physical presence, they come back!
Even dead, they haunt us
People come back! We just have to choose the place and the time they will take when they come back!

Written by Aliane Umutoniwase


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