Only, I’m afraid to say it..


I see fathers who commit adultery and tell their sons that this is what it means to be an adult in this age!
I see desperate mothers who give bitter words to their daughters, whispering to them that this is how homes are built nowadays!
I see daughters who have become women before their time and who confuse being loved with being desired!
Ignorant, they protest to have the right to be looked at in an innocent way, desirous to please, they behave as objects of desire and sometimes their attitude teases some, inviting them to take some pleasure!
I see fearful boys who advance ignoring this fear!
Poor, they oppress their emotions to appear giant, and once men, they express themselves angry to appear coherent!
I see people who are active in the networks, unable to explain or express the cause, but who give themselves an image to appear activist!
I see friends who say they are the best in the world but who do not hesitate to betray themselves in social events!
I see trendy couples who confuse having fun with having a solid home! I see them showing off to hide their dirty rags, I see them feeding on a few I-love-you’s that they hardly find when they wake up in the morning!
I see unhappy singles who live only by criticizing the life of a couple, a life they silently dream of, a life they tenderly cherish, a life they are unable to live because their bitterness and jealousy have replaced a compassionate and welcoming love!
I see the world, however, some subjects remain taboo!
In this day and age to criticize a woman is to distance yourself from the cause.
To be a successful man, one must have an endless list of heartbroken women (the reverse is true).
Some topics divide and/or are over-interpreted.
This is my pessimistic view of the world! I see the world, not as it is but as I am!
Please read this text with a dose of understanding!
It is only a heart that expresses itself, a soul that wanders and journeys in order to incorporate lives in its short life limited by time!

Written by Aliane Umutoniwase


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