Poetry: sad fate.

And we realize that we have the same genes, that we feel the same genes and that sometimes we want to stay young, even if it means fasting to look like supermodels!
We realize that without moderation, modernity is setting a trap for us and threatens to erase the history to which our wrinkles bear witness! The natural is being replaced by the aesthetic.
Without hindsight, we retreat in our values and we sink into greedy stories, far from the culture, we cultivate a world without tomorrow! Common sense is being replaced by the absurd.
At the dawn of our middle age, we nourish the hope of finding the age of the cradle and so despair wins us over because life has never been in the past! Maturity is to be
To avoid this cruel reality, we start the descent into hell by pouring down a few bottles! Just to hate ourselves a little bit more and to forget about ourselves as much as possible! The reconquest of our self gives place to the eternal sadness.

Written by Aliane Umutoniwase.

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