Sweet Freedom: What’s your price?


Serve his dignity? Never!
Dear freedom, I wish you had given me the bill before I undertook this journey!
As a child, I had a free spirit even when confined by certain rules, even in the dramatic context of my history.
As a teenager, I quickly found that the free and creative spirit must shrink or even be silenced to listen to the rules of adaptation!
As an adult and conscious of this renunciation, I lived it very painfully,
My heart, this genuine machine of alternative proposals, found a way out,
Tired of running and discussing in vain, it chose to obey,
Misunderstood, it decided to silence its convictions,
Misunderstood, he decided to clean up what was once his dreams!
Having no more dreams, he sank into loneliness!
Aware of the lightness of life, he turned to poetry!
Consumed by fear, he gradually died out!
If I were to tell without narrating my sorrows, I must speak of the complexity of life and its irony!
Sometimes the people who love us the most are the ones who take away the essence of our soul! Despite their noble intentions, their attentions correspond more to their expectations rather than ours!
Sometimes people who look from the outside, know how to spot where those who loved us did wrong and point it out to us, so we believe we are understood, only to realize later that even if the attentions are correct, the intentions have no other end than to possess the information in order to set the price to be paid to help us!
To pay here below has never been a drama, the drama is to pay your dignity so that the other finally comes to grant you a chance!
To make yourself very little is not difficult, what is difficult is to do it and to be humiliated by your so-called savior!
The quest for freedom is full of ambiguity, bitterness, pitfalls and ambushes!
The quest for this precious character is made of many things, of small details and nuances!
Wise are those who know how to refuse this mistreatment of loving beings and this malice of controlling beings!
Wise is the one who sets out to conquer, with an awareness of the difficulties that will be served to him!
Freedom is very precious! It is necessary to seek it without slackening and once found, it is necessary to accomodate it, to gather it and to make it spout out all to the turn!
Ooooh dear freedom can you let me choose you? I promise to tell you about my ills so that they no longer pursue me, I promise to serve your cause out of conviction and not out of terror or loyalty to deeply fallible beings!
Dear freedom, I would have liked you to give me the bill, you preferred to check out, once the trip was over so I understood that no matter which way I would go, no matter what the choice, I would always have to make a decision involving you or denying you.
By choosing you, I will always belong to myself! At this price we are equal! There is nothing like a free soul! Even in the winter of the trial, it knows how to find the trees to make the fire, it knows how to hibernate to return to the spring of life!

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