Poetry: My mother told me.


My mother told me that she will pray for me, so I knew that no matter the circumstances, no matter the challenges, no matter the distance and the separations, I will always have an assurance that someone is around, an assurance that Mom is watching!
My mother told me that she will pray for me, so I knew that a mother cares less about a broken umbilical cord being at birth, rather, to the bond formed in her heart between me and her at my conception, she holds on to that love, she holds on to the being that she protected from everything in its first steps in life!
My mother told me that she will pray for me, so I understood that a mother not only gives birth to a child, she also nurtures, she waters her fragile flower, she understands the unspoken, she prays for her child to grow up but also never stops considering her as a child! And how could she not do so? She begat him, she gave him life!
My mother told me that she will pray for me because she knows that I need her. Conscious of her human nature, fallible, she converses with God omnipotent, omnipresent, omniscient and implores him to consider me.
My mother told me that she will not pray for me, because she is already praying for me, today, right now, in this life and beyond, because Mom has chosen to be a mother forever, to love, to think, to heal, to spend for the sake of her child!
My mother prays for me, it is the most beautiful gift that one can receive from a mother! Mom prays for me because she is my mom! She chose it, chose me, and will always do so!
My mother told me that no matter the disagreements, no matter the differences, she will pray for me! Because she is my mother, she is my mom because in her heart is engraved each of the names of her children because in her body, a life took shape and she promised to accompany it until the very end!
This article is a tribute to the mothers, great dedication to my mother who gave birth to these words in my heart!
A thought for those who no longer have their mothers, because even those who have left for the heavenly homeland never cease to be mothers. Love, Love, Love is, will remain their slogan!

because my mother chose to be mom forever, to love, to think, to bandage, to spend for her child!

Thanks, Mom!


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