Don’t love me so fast, don’t love me so late.


Don’t love me so fast, you might be disappointed and make me feel bad afterwards,
Don’t love me so late, I might be suspicious and misunderstand you afterwards,
Don’t love me so exclusively, you could hurt me by trying to possess me.
Don’t love me so desperately, you might make me run away afterwards,
Don’t love me so fast, speed leads to hurry and intensity runs out of energy over time, passion forgets to reach deep into the soul and to taste the bitter part of it!
Don’t love me so late, latecomers select first, screen first and then cheat on their ability to love other! They only love the sophisticated version, the accomplished version, the one that sparkles!
Don’t love me so desperately, desperation gives wings to the loved one, then suffocates him/her and when he/she is not satisfied, he/she accuses!
Don’t love me so exclusively, all exclusivity is rooted in possession, and possession turns others into goods and not into fortunate ones.
Don’t love me out of pity, pity creates a feeling of superiority, a very unbalanced relationship.
Don’t love me after checking off every single thing in the latest trendy quote,
Friends are not almighty, they are failing and often disappointing, they have periods, they struggle and drag us along, they slow down and leave us at times,
because they are human, because like us they have silent pains, because like us, they cruelly fail at crucial moments!
Don’t love me intermittently, friends have to be regular, even if they stumble, even if they are disappointing, even if they are unhappy, even if they are miserable!
Love me respectfully, love me with dignity, love me by listening to me, love me by forgiving me, love me by taking only love as your guide!
Let not the quotations divert you from what your soul already knows, let the tendency never reach our heartstrings! May others not steal what has always kept us so high!
May our flights take off and land in turn on the same runway!
I will not always know how to appreciate your gestures to their right value, but if you do it with love and by love! I will know how to stay, to grow and to be forgiven not by fear of losing you but by love and a crying desire to see you always happy!
Take the time, that it is necessary to know me, love me, knowing me, do not burn any stage, the love just like the friendship are noble attributions to be spoiled or confused by passions and feelings to much strong but very brief!

Written by Aliane UMUTONIWASE


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