Poetry: Growing Up


And then we grow up, we gradually take our life in hand, a very complex life where joys and tragedies, love and hatred, the cradle and the grave are intertwined.
We cling to things and beings, life takes them off without common agreement, nor common measure!
We foresee a bright future, life preserves us the farewells without possible return! These departures to other countries, these ultimate trips that have little postponement or tomorrow.
We love very much, we capitalize on youth, life loves stronger and repatriates those who are its own, no matter how briefly they are on earth.
We put logic in the order of things, meaning in destiny, life reminds us that it is illogical that it only has meaning in what has already happened, it reminds us of our limits and continues to give and take away the breath as it pleases!
We believe ourselves stronger by betting on tomorrow, it proves to us that we are unreliable by making us lose our bets; It calls us to love and enjoy the present moment because the next moment, it can make us nothing!
Life plays tricks on us and when you think about it, there is no revenge, no return! It requires us to move forward without anticipating, to learn and to understand that there are in reality few things whose meaning we are able to grasp.
Adults, life gives us the heavy task of realizing that it is not eternal!
Each death, brings us back to our own end and reminds us that alone, the dead never die and that if death is thirsty, it will draw from the living!
Adults, the suffering is immense, we are the almighty of diverse and varied discoveries, the powerless of change concerning us, the notorious defeatists in the face of this desolate destiny!
We grow, we understand and we learn to love each other, separate and die!


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