To the children of the world and the adults of tomorrow,


Your arrival is only immense happiness because you answer the call of life but also the many prayers and desires! 
You are the fruit of the love of two beings, sometimes the fruit of a chance of two passions!
You arouse the desire for protection and sometimes possession!
You make the joy of your family and sometimes the disappointment of it,
You are the most wonderful and sometimes most challenging, In an ideal
world, you would be the fruit of love, you will make the joy of your family and you will be only wonderful!
In a sick world, other scenarios are possible, you will be forced to deal with selfish adults!
Some of you will grow up before time, and will only have a few weeks of innocence!
Some of you will grow up with absent parents, others with invasive parents! In both cases, the world will never understand your respective shortcomings, it will tell you, “What are you complaining about? “At least you, you have parents!
Some of you will suffer blows and low blows, knowing only that, you will never be able to express this dismay!
The most terrible remains to come because you will still become adults,
There will come a time when being alone will no longer be enough to define you, the world will force you to find someone to finally be understood in appearance! 
There will come a time when you will be required to smile at circumstances and tears of façade!
There will come a time when you will be required to do decent work, while at the same time describing as indecent what you are able to do!
There will come a time when you will feel alone in the world even having everyone’s attention, that day, you will know that having your peaceful inner world is more important than having the whole crowd! 
There will come many difficult times, you will have a freedom that hides responsibilities! 
Friends who hide their interests and enemies who tell you much more honestly about you! That’s the complexity of life!
Over seven days you will have two public holidays! Over a lifetime you will have a few days of respite, enjoy as much as possible!

Written by Aliane UMUTONIWASE


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