Even the perfect nature..

Inaudible sounds of nature!
Incredible richness of solitude!
Unfathomable destiny of man!
Death, a tragic experience of being!
Love, the essence of all things!
Happiness, the ideal of existence!
Failure, the school whose master is none other than oneself!
Friendship, the other me!
Dissatisfaction, man's own!
Admiration, the ideal of love!
Jealousy, the disease of love!
Passion, the illusion of love!
Possession, disguise of a sick love!


To you, I say thank you.

To the people who welcomed me when I needed an"I understand." To the people who encouraged me when I needed a"you can do it." To the people who passed on faith, patience and confidence to me by reminding me that"everything passes." To the people who saw me reborn and welcomed me To the people who …

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To the children of the world and the adults of tomorrow,

  Your arrival is only immense happiness because you answer the call of life but also the many prayers and desires! You are the fruit of the love of two beings, sometimes the fruit of a chance of two passions!You arouse the desire for protection and sometimes possession!You make the joy of your family and sometimes …

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Poetry: Growing Up

  And then we grow up, we gradually take our life in hand, a very complex life where joys and tragedies, love and hatred, the cradle and the grave are intertwined.We cling to things and beings, life takes them off without common agreement, nor common measure!We foresee a bright future, life preserves us the farewells …

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Poetry: Feeling.

  Sometimes I feel lonely but I don't tell you, for fear that you will reduce me to this temporary reality!I sometimes feel sad, but I do not tell you, for fear that you will inflict on me lessons of morality, those that prescribe that sadness is an emotion to banish and not to live!I …

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Don’t love me so fast, don’t love me so late.

  Don't love me so fast, you might be disappointed and make me feel bad afterwards,Don't love me so late, I might be suspicious and misunderstand you afterwards,Don't love me so exclusively, you could hurt me by trying to possess me.Don't love me so desperately, you might make me run away afterwards,Don't love me so …

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Poetry: My mother told me.

Mom told me that no she will not pray for me, because she already prays for me, today, right away, in this life and beyond, because mom has chosen to be mom forever, to love, to think, to bandage, to spend for her child! Mom prays for me, it's the most beautiful gift you can receive from a mother! Mom prays for me because she's my mom! She chose it, chose me and always will!