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Poésie: Ma soeur amie

Ma sœur amie, longtemps ma seule amie, La seule dans mon existence, le sel de mon existence ! Comme tu es belle et moche. Comme tu es chiante et attachante ! Comme tu es seule à être ma sœur de sang ! Ma sœur amie, longtemps ma seule amie, Le souvenir de mon enfance, le présent de mon existence ! Âme sœur, sœur de cœur, cœur de corps ! corps d’une parfaite ressemblance ! Justice génétique, ceci est notre héritage: nous aimer parce que nous sommes sœurs, Nous choisir parce que nous sommes amies le répéter parce que nous le voulons bien !

Poetry: My mother told me.

Mom told me that no she will not pray for me, because she already prays for me, today, right away, in this life and beyond, because mom has chosen to be mom forever, to love, to think, to bandage, to spend for her child! Mom prays for me, it's the most beautiful gift you can receive from a mother! Mom prays for me because she's my mom! She chose it, chose me and always will!

Only, I’m afraid to say it..

I see unhappy singles who live only by criticizing the life of a couple, a life they dream of in silence, of which they cherish tenderly, a life that they are unable to live because their bitterness and jealousy have taken place in favor of a compassionate and welcoming love!
I see the world, however, some subjects remain taboo!
In this age, to criticize a woman is to distance one'sness from the cause.
Being a successful man, you have to have an endless list of women with broken hearts (the reverse is true).
Some topics divide and/or are overinterpreted.

Wounds (Hurts) and overcoming our destiny

Wounds are the stigmata that leave scars in our hearts and bodies that mark our entire life here on earth. These wounds are noticed in our behaviours, our judgements but especially in our customs and habits to follow up on the lesson they have given once they have been touched! "Know thyself " said Platon, …

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