Only, I’m afraid to say it..

I see unhappy singles who live only by criticizing the life of a couple, a life they dream of in silence, of which they cherish tenderly, a life that they are unable to live because their bitterness and jealousy have taken place in favor of a compassionate and welcoming love!
I see the world, however, some subjects remain taboo!
In this age, to criticize a woman is to distance one'sness from the cause.
Being a successful man, you have to have an endless list of women with broken hearts (the reverse is true).
Some topics divide and/or are overinterpreted.

Friendship: Friend in capital letters

  Friend, A name attributed too often wrongly!A name given up most often, for lack of finding the definition of a nascent relationship!A name worth inscribed in capital letters! A capital relationship, with an influence capable of changing a stone heart into a master stone on which one can build!A friend opens your arms, hold …

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Where were you?

  Knock while there's still time. I'll open it. Photo taken in Vendée 2019. Today it's so easy to write” rest in peace” than to write “how are you?” It's so easy to find kind words in front of a grave than to give a letter of recommendation! It's so much easier to find time …

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