Poetry: People

They leave hoping not to come back but they come back if only to show that they have succeeded!
People leave with a heavy heart and come back with one, more confused!
People come and go, it's the cycle of life!
Wise, are those who know how to leave without causing too much damage!
Happy, are those who come back well assailed!
Ignorant, are those who leave leaving no chance for a possible return to the fold!
Whether people are toxic or caring, they always come back!

Friendship: A yes without trickery, I want you.

I get confused with you because I never blur the tracks on my state of mind! Thank you for having taught me that an evil fortunately lived, makes painfully unhappy! Thank you for telling me that declaring myself con reflects how much I refuse to understand myself! Your presence is a present that I do not very often consider to be worth in the present, but our memories do you justice by reminding me how exceptional you are. Thank you for making me human by accepting my weaknesses and making me special by reminding me of my personal exploits! I thank you for having confidence in me, the confidences serve to rest in unassailable fortresses, you are as I am towards you! Thank you for our laughter, for our humors that sometimes hide our unfathomable and soundproof misfortunes!

Friendship: Friend in capital letters

  Friend, A name attributed too often wrongly!A name given up most often, for lack of finding the definition of a nascent relationship!A name worth inscribed in capital letters! A capital relationship, with an influence capable of changing a stone heart into a master stone on which one can build!A friend opens your arms, hold …

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I promise to always keep trying.

  If I had known how much you loved me, I would have given you an eternity! If I had known that you were always there through good times and bad, I would have given you my life! If I had known that you were the only one to remember everything, to remember us, I …

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Heart of stone

Photo taken at Chavagne-En -Paillers,2019 Some people are quite proud when they are told that they have a heart of stone, a heart that feels almost nothing! Today I met this heart-shaped stone, I moved it and threw it in all directions with no change in its shape or color! More than ever I would …

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